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Our Steggles Photo Gallery - these are the photo's of all my direct family, most are based over in the UK, apart from Andy and Fran, who are both based in the US, (NYC, and Pocono Mountains). Carolyn and Bob, (my Mum and Dad), live in Cornwall, South West England, Sue and Huw, (Sister and Brother-In-Law), live in the New Forrest, Gloucestershire, England), James, (littlest one of us), lives in Cambridge -and has just finished writing up his PHD Papers for his doctorate in Microbiology. James went to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, England, Jane and I live in Four Oaks, West Midlands, England.

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Simon and Jane Steggles's Wedding Bob Steggles Carolyn Steggles
Aaron Harry Abi and Jack Steggles and Thornton Simon and Jane Steggles Andy and Fran Steggles Sue and Huw Steggles
James Steggles Jane Steggles Abi Steggles Weasel Adam and Aaron Thornton
Abi Steggles and Aaron Thornton Jack Steggles Harry Steggles
Jack Steggles - Injured again! Janey Steggles about to go out Jane Steggles at Stone Henge Simon Steggles
Simon Steggles in the Maldives at our water bungalow Inside the House of Andy and Fran Steggles - Poconos Mountains Simon and Jane Steggles Wedding Cake Abi Steggles Dahn Boh Nim Brown Belt at Kuk Sool Won
Aaron Thornton Steggles home in the Poconos Mountains, Timber Trails, Lake Naomi Brad Welch and Aaron Thornton
Aaron doing a one handed cartwheel at Kuk Sool Won Fran Steggles - About to go tubing! Harry and Jack Steggles on their birthday - check out the date! Jack having fallen over at Jack Frost, Pocono Mountains
Jane Fran Harry and Aaron Tubing Abi, Aaron, Jack and Harry Steggles in each others clothes! Simon Steggles - Stone Henge Jane Steggles in Borth, Wales
Simon Steggles - Getting a kicking! Jane Steggles - Mad! Simon Steggles in Wales
Andy Fran Abi Jane Aaron Harry Jack and Simon Steggles Susan Steggles - in the blue - skiing at Jack Frost Steggles's about to go Tubing in Poconos mountains Aaron, Abi, Jane, harry, Jack, Simon, James and Sue Steggles
Dolly Steggles owned by Sue and Huw

I am looking for more and more of our Steggles namesakes. If you could help me find them, I would be eternally grateful. I am looking for people who are willing to share their family trees with us, and possibly put them on the Forum page. I want to know if there is any way that all of us are connected, through distant relatives, from many generations ago.

If you are interested in getting hold of any more images of any of the people on this site, then please feel free to contact me and I will endeavor to get hold of as many of them as possible for you, as ever, at no charge to you whatsoever!

Please dont forget to look at the videos and of course and the other Steggles namesakes  that have joined the site at the Join Us! page. I am trying to build this site into the webs foremost resource page on the net and to optimize it so that if any of your names are typed into search engines, hopefully, you will all come up on this site, but most importantly, at the top of the search engines. Currently we are number 1 and 2 on most of the search engines, like Google.COM, and the DMOZ.ORG, and my brother Andy is number 3 and 4, but he is beating me on Yahoo. COM at the moment. It is my duty as a his elder brother to ensure that I knock him off top position.. Please help me to help the site! Thanks, Simon

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